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To Whome It May Concern: I am not dead.

This is not my first blog. A year ago, I started a blog with the same name. Ironically, I predicted that like the many diaries of my youth, I would eventually lose interest. I predicted it would last a week. It lasted close to three. No, I didn't lose interest. No, I didn't catch some life changing illness that kept me from my keyboard. No, I was not abducted by aliens-though I once used that as a tardy excuse in high school. The month of July I was busy moving in with my boyfriend. Then I was busy with work. Then I was busy with being stranded in parts of Louisiana and Texas during the evacuation. Then I was busy with clean up. Then the casino reopened, and I was working six days a week plus overtime. By the time things slowed down, I had totally forgotten I had a blog. These are all lame excuses at best, but there they are and here I am.

It's good to be back.