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Feature Interview: Larry L. Gegenheimer Jr., Professional Ass Kicker

The Usual Unusual Disclaimer: The beatings will continue until moral improves.

Karma Girl: According to your Facebook profile, you are a martial arts instructor at Kuk Sool Won of Gretna. What is Kuk Sool Won, and where did you learn it? Bonus points if your answer is Shaolin monks!
Larry: Shaolin monks are Chinese. Kuk Sool is a Korean art.I learned it in Terrytown (a far cry from Shaolin monasteries).It is a traditional art that encompasses every martial art Korea has. Our Grand Master put all that he learned into one system and called it Kuk Sool which means National Martial Art.It is recognized as Korea's national martial art.
Karma Girl: Your Facebook profile also states your profession as Case Manager/Misdemeanor Probation Officer. I assume you deal with criminals, and if so, do your two jobs ever intermesh? Is there a 24th Judicial District Court fight montage floating around somewhere on YouTube?
Larry:No.I thought I may have needed it once or twice because someone was getting…

Massage Time: Cross-Contamination and Why I'm About to Hire Liam Neeson

I have recently become the queen of passive-aggressive notes at my workplace. I'm a massage therapist, as many of you know, and I work at various places in and around the Greater New Orleans area. On Sundays, I work at a spa in the CBD. I won't tell you which one because I don't want to scare off the clientele. This is ironic considering how often my boss gripes at me to post something for the company's Facebook page. I don't think she would approve of this tale of yuck, though. Also, she might frown upon the fact that I'm contemplating physical harm against one of her employees. I'm usually a live and let live type of gal, but I've reached the end of my rope, and it looks like there's a noose at the end of this one.

So here's the situation. There are two rooms specifically set aside for massage, and both rooms are shared amongst a handful of massage therapists. The way it's supposed to work is you set up your room for the day and at the end …

Doomtown Theater Presents: The Craft

Hollywood, it seems, is big on reboots. Lots and lots of reboots. So I wasn't surprised when I heard Sony is remakingThe Craft, a movie that came out in 1996 BSM (Before Social Media) about what happens when you give a group of teenage girls magical powers.

A lot of people from my generation (what you youngsters born After Social Media call "old people") are worried it couldn't possibly live up to the original and that Sony will screw it up like Universal screwed up Jem and the Holograms. I, personally, don't care what they do. I liked the movie when it came out, but it wasn't so life changing that I'm ready to hold a Sony exec hostage until I see a copy of the script. And it's not like this is a George Lucas film. The original is still out there for me to enjoy if the new movie turns out to suck major gopher wang.

But before Sony inevitably does shit on my childhood, I had a fit of 90s nostalgia and decided to give it another watch. Still not life chan…

Join Me on Twitter for This Month's Doomtown Theater Live-Tweet Movie Review: The Craft!

Join me on Twitter this tuesday at 10:30 PM for this month's ‪#‎DoomtownTheater‬ live-tweet movie review of ‪#‎TheCraft‬ before Sony up and destroys your childhood.

"Too...many...Cheesy...Poofs!" "Shut the fuck up, Nancy."

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: The White Collar Hipster

I have a love hate relationship with food. I love its glorious deliciousness, yet hate when it betrays me with hideous love handles and belly fat. Usually I try to be careful in my eating habits. This week...not so much. This week it was anything goes-or rather, anything goes that doesn't cause me pain because I have a canker sore on the roof of my mouth. I know you really needed to know that, but take heart in the fact that I've never informed any of you bitches when I have hemorrhoids. Just saying.

It's a testament to how much pain I was in that I would even bother to go to the doctor for something so seemingly trivial. I'd like to say the sinus infection I came down with pushed me over the edge, but if I'm being honest, it was the food. I'm on my husband's health plan now, but years of being uninsured have engrained in me a deep seated fear of doctors bills. But I went anyway. I'm insured now, and when you feel like someone is stabbing you in the sinu…