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Feature Interview: Author Rissa Blakeley

Rissa Blakeley is a new author from Atlanta Georgia. She has just finished her first novel, BROKEN DREAMS, the first book in her SHATTERED LIVES series. Here's a blurb from her first book:
Elaina Cooper's world was turned upside down on her wedding day. She was about to marry Henry Daniels, the man of her dreams or so she thought. Just as she was to walk down the aisle, screams pierced the air and with that, the apocalypse had begun.

Elaina felt something was wrong; Henry knew far too much about the undead roaming the street and she was determined to get to the bottom of it no matter what it took. Henry's haunted past catches up to him in more ways than one. He must face his demons and Elaina must learn to accept him and his past. Henry is determined to fight to the very end to make their sexy, mercurial relationship work no matter what staggers in their path.

Along with their thrown together band of survivors, they must travel south t…

My Computer Is a Dirty, Dirty Whore

When I got off of work Friday night, I received a call from my boyfriend informing me that our child had come down with something nasty-our child being the computer in the back room, something nasty being nine viruses. Nine. How the hell does something like that happen? Porn, apparently, because it was the first thing he asked me when I walked through the door.

"You haven't been downloading porn on this computer, have you?" he said, serious as a heart attack. "I'm not mad at you if you did. You just gotta be more careful, is all I'm saying."

We have that kind of relationship. Sigh.

"You're asking ME?" I said, incredulous. "How often do you see me downloading that crap?"

"Well, I figured you might be doing it, you know, because of your...stories."

Yes, he said it in italics. I gave him a blank stare for all of five seconds before I remembered. I hadn't been downloading porn. I had been uploading it. I know what you're…

Feature Interview: Author/Editor Patti Geesey

Patti Geesey, author and editor at J. Ellington Ashton Press, is a contributing author of the horror anthology ALL THAT REMAINS with her short story, "The Barren Blaze”. She may also be a pyromaniac and aR'lyeh priestess awaiting the awakening of the Great and Mighty Cthulhu, but the jury’s still out on that. She was gracious enough to sit down for an interview with this humble blogger, and I, for one, welcome our new multiple tentacled overlord.

KARMA GIRL: Okay. Let's start with the Unusual Disclaimer: Please repeat after me (you may say this out loud, no need to type): I, Patti Geesey, being of sound mind and body, do agree to this interview, in spite of considerable misgivings regarding the interviewer’s aptitude and sanity, and will promise not to beat said interviewer about the head for annoying me with her silly questions.

PATTI GEESEY: *hides baseball bat*
KG: Excellent! Now, according to your profile, you are an author and editor at J. Ellington Ashton Press. Can you…

Who Dat Beat the Dirty Birds 23 to 17!

To those of you who are Falcons fans, I'm so very, very sorry....(Insert hysterical laughter here.)

Facebook PM Mating Call

I have never considered myself particularly attractive, but recently I’ve found myself to be the object of lust by a multitude of people-men and woman both-who think I’m all that and a bag of Doritos. Where do these guys find me? Facebook, that’s where. Someone will send me a friend request and then instantly private message me with what is usually a veiled attempt at getting into my pants. How they would do this through my modem is beyond me, but they do it, and I’m at a loss as to why. It took me over an hour to get my profile pic just the right angle to hide the fact that most of my face is nose, and even then, I feel I came out looking like the Progressive Insurance chick’s older, uglier sister. People must be really hard up if they’re coming to me for some cyber lovin’.

My latest Facebook Don Juan is a guy going by the name of Clark Thompson. Yes, that is his real name. If you’re looking for love, be sure to hit him up. Just be aware that all seven of his Facebook “friends” are wo…

Walk To End Alzheimer’s

My sister Tammy signed up for a walkathon to end Alzheimer’s. Want to join in the fun or—if you’re allergic to sweat like I am—make a donation, sign up here.