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Feature Interview: The Rob Cerio

Rob Cerio. Author. Screenwriter. Family man. Possible sufferer of multiple personality disorder (Captain Chaos...cough...sputter). He is best known for his Jake Price series (Dimensional Games and Interdimensionally Yours, Jake Price), a science fiction series about a "Dimensional Moderator". Cerio has contributed stories to the steampunk anthologies Dreams of Steam II, Dreams of Steam III, and New Orleans by Gaslight and is a contributing writer for the Sci-fi web series, The Adventures of Keith Flippen. Rob has admitted he is not a fan of the Jayne hat, but I forgive him.

The Usual Unusual Disclaimer: WARNING! Do not read blog near open flame. Do not stick blog in electrical socket. Do not read blog while taking a shower. Do not read blog while playing a harmonica and strumming a guitar. Reading blog while doing any of the above may cause blindness, seizures, outright confusion, and/or death. If any of these medical conditions occur while reading blog, consult a doctor imme…

Interview with Karen Griffin aka Karen Plaisance

Author Brian Patrick McKinley interviewed me a while back for his blog, The Ravings of a Sick Mind. I was on my best behavior, of course...(trying so hard to look innocent). Be sure to visit his site for more interviews with the authors of the VWSG anthology, Fresh Blood.

(Reblogged from The Ravings of a Sick Mind)

My series of interviews with the authors of Fresh Blood continues today with the talented (and very funny) Karen Griffin!

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? My name is not Karen Plaisance. Karen Plaisance is the name I use to hide from the voices. I am a hack writer/blogger/massage therapist. I don’t do happy ending. If you ask, I’m legally allowed to kill you with my t-bar. I’ve been writing since I was five. To be fair, A is for Apal wasn’t the bestseller I thought it would be, but I’m hoping for better sales with the reprint. I think it’ll do well with today’s hipster market.
No happy ending! You have been warned.Which story did you contribute…

Paint Me Like You Paint Your French Sex Dolls

My sister Tammy is getting married this Saturday, and I'm her maid of honor. As such, I was told that I would be responsible for planning the bachelorette party. My first thought was, "Crap! I'm going to have to figure out a place to have this thing. I'm going to have to figure out catering and booze and make sure everyone has a designated driver. I'm going to have to hire a stripper." My next thought was, "I'm going to have to hire a stripper. Hell yeah!" This thought came moments before she told me that absolutely, under no circumstances was I to hire a male stripper to this shindig. Kill all my fun, why don't you. Because I love my sister-and because she's going to be the matron of honor in my wedding and will find all sorts of clever ways to get her revenge should I disregard her wishes-I did as I was told. I'm a good girl, I am.

The venue, at least, was easy enough to figure out. She wanted to have it at Painting With a Twist. Fo…

Feature Interview: Shannon Kitchens-Stonicher

Shannon Kitchens-Stonicher is that fabulous mix of librarian, filmmaker, and part-time writer that makes me believe she just might be a superhero in her downtime...if there is such a thing for the Shannons of this world. Today, she joins us for an interview, and no, she will not be wearing a cape.
Karma Girl: Please state your name, place of residence, and occupation for the record. Be aware, we know who you are and where to find you.
Shannon: Shannon and part-time writer. Kitchens; Metairie, LA; librarian by day, filmmaker by night.
KG: You started a Kickstarter project in February of last year called The Adventures of Keith Flippen. Can you tell us a little bit about this project and how it got its start? Was the mafia involved? The space mafia, perhaps?

Shannon: The Adventures of Keith Flippen is the story of Keith, a space-age Didgeridoo player, who is caught right in the middle of the epic, apparently endless, struggle between noble Colonel Victory and the evil Queen Calamitious. Pay…