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Holy Rollin': That's Just the Way She Rolls

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin on Facebook last week regarding the hoopla over the supreme court ruling on gay marriage. I've come to discover the woman is a bit of a religious nut. I can't really throw stones here since I grew up Assembly of God and was a bit of a bible thumper myself back in the day. I'm Agnostic now, mostly because whenever I asked important questions like, "But why is it wrong to be a homosexual?" the answer was usually an unsatisfactory, "Because the bible tells me so," type deal. This would lead to a rousing game of circular logic starting with me asking, "Yeah, but why?" with the previous answer being repeated over and over again. My misspent holy-rolling, grain of doubt youth came flashing back to me after my cousin posted this as her status: Wow unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Virtual Martinis, Imaginary Strippers, and a Free Sneak Peek

I made certain promises if my Facebook page reached over 50 likes. No, I will not be showing my boobs again, but to show my gratitude, I'm offering a sneak peek of chapter 2 of my next book (still unnamed). I might even hold a contest that would allow the winner to come up with the title. Not because I'm lazy or anything. (Insert shifty eyes here.) As for the promises of martinis and strippers, feel free to use your imagination. For those of you without an imagination but still in the greater New Orleans area, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a place that serves alcohol with scantily clad dancers. Just throw a rock, I should think.

Chapter Two “I’ll just announce you,” Mrs. Messerschmitt said, gesturing for me to take a seat in the waiting area. I was having none of that. I rushed past her making a beeline for the office door. The silly woman tried to block my path, but I feinted to the left before dodging to the right and snuck past her. Usually this wouldn’t have…

Stranger Fiction

You find the most interesting literature on Smashwords. Yes, I know. I published on Smashwords. Here are just a few eyebrow raising gems I found while looking for bargains. I included the last one because the cover art drew me in.

1. Showgirls and Aliens by Darrell B Nelson. Suggested price: $4.95

A fast, fun story about Reptiles vs. Strippers. Former Gymnast, Nomi, lost hope after her parents were killed. She's now a drug using stripper. When she is on acid she can see the alien reptiles that rule the Earth in their true form. She learns the reptiles been enslaving mankind, killed her parents, and have targeted her to host a new breed of reptiles. She must defeat the reptiles that enslave the Earth. Or she will be impregnated by them.

2. Rachel and the magic shot by Dora Igaz. Price: $1.99

Why do we sometimes go to the doctor's even when we feel perfectly fine? What are shots good for? How scared should you be of needles? Find answers to these and many mor…