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Net Neutrality: The Silent Internet Killer!

Alright, I'm being a wee bit dramatic...I hope. Truth is, I just recently learned about this debate. I don't remember hearing about it in the mainstream media. Whether this is due to a media black out(grab your tin foil hats folks)or me just not paying attention remains to be seen. My take is that without neutrality, the big corps will abuse their power, not because they are evil corporations, but because it's just good business sense. I'm for net neutrality. Here's a link you might find interesting. What could a non neutral internet look like?

*insert ominous thunder here*

If I Had a Hammer...

I'm not sure if I should be worried, but I hate my customers. This in itself is no big shock. Hell, I'd be worried if I actually started liking the whiney bitches. But lately it's gotten bad. It's gotten real bad. It's gotten so bad that every time I have to deal with these losers, I hear Peter, Paul, and Mary singing If I Had a Hammer over and over again while images of me shooting blackjack players execution style in front of a quaint little Mexican church dance inside my head. If you have never watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, you won't get the reference on this one so rent it. It was very entertaining.

I'm not saying that I'm going to start picking off the casino clientele one by one with a rifle from atop a clock tower or anything, but I do worry that someday I'll say something that will get me fired. Something like the truth. I often fantasize what I'd tell my players if I didn't need this job. Like, to all those people that com…

Hell On Earth...Happy 666 Day!

I grew up in the Pentecostal church. I was raised to believe that one day the big J-Man would come for all the good little Christian boys and girls during the rapture and leave all the bad little heathenish behind to experience hell on earth for seven or so many years. I forget. As a precaution, we were told if, God forbid, we back slid into sin before the big day, that our souls weren't necessarily lost. Not as long as we refused to take the mark of the beast.

Ah, my Christian youth! A lot of the crap they preached from the pulpit scared the shit out of me, but one of the things I remember fondly were the nights they would skip the preaching and show movies like A Thief In The Night. It was cheesy movies like this one that got me hooked on all those zombie/apocalypse/end-of-the-world type movies and books. Oh, if only my pastor knew Mark IV productions led me onto the path of sin and agnosticism.

Instead of going out to see The Omen, I think I might rent Thief for old times sake. B…

Hurricane Season is Here...Oh Goody

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Earlier than last year for the obvious reasons. At least this year I'm prepared. For one, when my mother makes that frantic call begging me to get out of Dodge 'cause a horror-cane is coming right for us, I'll be ready to pack a bag and go. I've threatened to hog tie my boyfriend if he doesn't follow suit. Last year when she called, I told her I was staying home.

"It's not going to hit us, mom!" I said in an exasperated tone. "Stop worrying."

Every year, me and my mother have the same argument. You see, my aunt works in emergency management so when she gets the skinny on an evacuation, she calls the entire family and tells them to leave. Every time she does this, I end up spending a hellish car trip evacuating to either Florida or Texas. This is followed by a couple of days of sheer boredom because my relatives live in the sticks. The hurricane doesn't even come close to hitting our area, and then…