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Baby Steps for New Authors by Guest Blogger and Author, Emerian Rich

Baby Steps for New Authors
I’ve spoken to hundreds of authors over the years... new, old, mid-career, famous, struggling, you name it. One thing we all have in common is that we were all once where you are. We know how it feels to submit your first work and wait with high hopes by the mailbox (or email inbox) for that special editor’s reply. We know about declines and how sometimes they seem so crippling, you don’t even want to continue. The other link that many new writers have is they are timid and shy about their careers and marketing the “way the pros do it”. Well here are some Baby Steps to get you started.

1. Convince yourself you are an important writer and have something valid to say. Once you’ve accepted your fate as a writer and know you have no choice but to follow your dreams, it will be easier to chip away at making those dreams a reality.

2. Start a List. Lists are your best friend for brainstorming promotion ideas. Carry a little notebook with you to brainstorm while wai…

Lou Tai

My husband recently ran a D&D game where I played a rogue thief by the name a Lou Tai. I didn't play her very well as I'm not much of roleplayer, but the character background was...interesting:

Lou Tai (or Tai Lou, if you are not Shou) is a twenty-one year old Human of half Shou descent through her mother, Lou Mei Mei (or Mei Mei Lou). Her mother is the owner and operator of the Three Jolly Luck Good Time “Inn". And yes, the quotation marks can also be seen on the establishment sign as it is an “Inn” of disrepute. Mei Mei likes everyone to think she is all about the money (her motto is “Money Up Front”), but she is soft hearted when it comes to those who are down on their luck and in need of a good meal. Tai takes after her in that respect. Her father, Ander “Horny” Hornraven, is a Human traveling bard of even more disrepute. He has half a dozen illegitimate children through different women of different races and is a known scoundrel and gallivanter. Tai loves him anyw…

I've Often Wanted to Ask This Question Myself...

Be sure to visit Zach's page. His comic is awesome! And did you know he wrote a book with his wife, Kelly Weinersmith? You should check that out too. Preferably by buying it.

Spa Review of Awesomeness!

I don't know who posted this, but I'm sure they are just fabulous!

“I didn't get a pony for my birthday, but it's all good!” Reviewed March 16, 2017 
Went to the Woodhouse Day Spa in New Orleans for their Woodhouse Experience. I went to their website and read what the package entails because booking a spa package without knowing what I'm getting would just be silly. Good thing too, because I found out the Woodhouse Experience usually includes a bath cure followed by a four handed massage. Having two therapists work on me at the same time creeps me out, so I opted for a 110 minute Swedish instead. The concierge who booked my appointment was awesome. I think it had something to do with the fact I treated her like a human being deserving respect and not a servant born to do my bidding. My spa day started with me arriving at the spa AT LEAST 30 minutes before my appointment began because I work in New Orleans and know that sometimes finding a parking in the city can suck.…

A Russian Doll in Reverse

A RUSSIAN DOLL IN REVERSE by Karen Plaisance He feeds from me. He suckles from a vein in my neck, gulping away like a thirsty redneck sucking down a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon. We’re sitting in the cold and the dirt and I’m desperately trying to hold onto some semblance of sanity, trying to get my nerve up. I can’t close my eyes. I’m afraid I’ll disappear if I do that. But I can’t look either. I can’t look at the whole picture. There’s something unpleasant in the room with me that has nothing to do with my captor. That has everything to do with my captor. My feverish mind rebels when I try, so I take the scene in one grizzly part at a time as he feeds, starting from small to large. Like one of those dolls, those Russian Matryoshka dolls that you open to find one doll after another inside, each smaller than the next. Only I’m starting from the inside out. First, there’s the eye. It was sapphire blue when the woman lived and sparkled like a gem even in the dimly lit bar where I served her…

Karma Girl's Excellent Last Will and Testament

Okay, I’ve had a few drinks, so bear with me. First thing’s first: Open Bar. I want an open bar at my funeral/wake/memorial service. Whatever you want to do is fine, just make sure there’s an open bar. I don’t give a shit if alcohol is a depressant. OPEN. FUCKING. BAR!

Things I would like, but if you can’t do, no biggie: 1. I want to be cremated. It’s the cheapest route and personally I don’t like the idea of my friends and family members crying over my decaying corpse. I’d like for at least some of those ashes to be used to plant a tree or something like that. Not because I’m a pagan or anything. I just feel like I’ve been pretty useless in life. Might as well put my dead ass to work helping the carbon ratio or whatever the hell it’s called. 2. I haven’t lost total faith in God. Yet. He took my dad and little sister, but who knows? Maybe they really have gone to a better place. I will allow a minister of my husband’s, mother’s, or sister’s choosing. Please don’t get into a fight over it…

For My Little Sister

Kelli Sue Griffin, age 38, passed away on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero. She was born May 28, 1978, in Marrero, to Gary and Patricia (Plaisance) Griffin. She was a 2005 graduate of Louisiana Technical College and a self-taught artist. She worked as an Administrative Assistant with West Jefferson Industrial Medicine, where her coworkers fell in love with her. Kelli’s many passions included painting, sculpture, and arts and crafts. Her greatest strength was her determination to finish whatever she set out to do, no matter how hard the task. Her biggest flaw was not knowing just how special and irreplaceable she was. She is survived by her mother, Patricia; her sisters, Tammy Gegenheimer and Karen Williams; her two brothers in-law Larry Gegenheimer, Jr. and Darrin Williams; her nephew Gary Lapoint; her niece Hannah Gegenheimer; her aunts Elda Olsen, Barbra Houillon, Rosemary Plaisance, Linda Plaisance, and Sally Griffin; her uncles Melvin Plaisance…