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Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: 365: A New Blog

Sorry for the late update. Again. I was busy putting together my new blog, 365. Suffice it to say, I did not accomplish items #1 or #2 from last year's New Year's resolution list. 365 is my last ditch attempt to force myself into being a healthier me. At the very least, I hope to amuse you with my fitness mishaps. Enjoy! God knows, I won't. 365: Regarding New Year's Resolutions Over the next few months, this blog will reveal pictures of food and half naked pics of the author. It will contain witty and probably cynical observations about the diet and fitness industry. Hopefully, by January 1, 2016, it will reveal a thinner and much healthier version of the author. No, this blog is not written by an exhibitionist hipster. It's written by someone who's been struggling with her weight since childhood. I made a few silly New Year's resolutions last year, five in all. Among the resolutions listed were promises to eat better and to exercise more. I'm now fifteen …

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: The Oatmeal Explains Net Neutrality

I hate getting up on a soap box about anything. Mostly because it reminds me of exercise which I'm not too hot on, if that closet full of clothes that don't fit me anymore is any indication. Also, I don't feel I'm erudite enough to defend my beliefs to others who are probably much smarter than me. I have a reasonably good vocabulary (which includes the word erudite...yay, big words!), but I get tongue tied when I try to explain why I feel something is important like the existence of global warming even when it's freezing cold outside or how I seriously doubt the current or previous idiot running my country is the anti-Christ.

Unless he owns the company that makes Monster Energy drink. Apparently. (Insert eye roll here.)
One such hot button topic I feel strongly about is net neutrality. I'm very much for it, and for the most part, so is everyone else who isn't a telecom company. Unfortunately, telecoms have more money than me, and they've been spreadin…

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Happy Agnostica!

Since today is the 14th of December, I'm just going to let this Lazy Time post be a reblog of a former reblog. Yes, I am THAT damn lazy. Enjoy and Happy Agnostica! Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Darren Bleuel's Nukees and a Happy Agnostica to us All!
As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I consider myself to be Agnostic. This is often viewed with more confusion than hostility from both the secular and non secular public. The response I usually get when telling them about my belief system is, “So…you’re an Atheist is what you’re saying, right?” And to this, I will usually reply: “No, no. Well, not exactly.” And then I spend the next thirty minutes to an hour trying to explain what it is I do and do not believe in. Basically I believe in the possibility of a God or Gods, but I’m not going to give a definitive answer on the subject until I receive some concrete, empirical proof. Since this proof will probably only come after I die-and maybe not even then-I’m keeping my options open u…

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Tea and Tomes Writer's Residency on GoFundMe

Three wondering bards seek funds to create a safe haven for writers in the New Orleans Marigny. It will be a bookstore, tea shop, and writer's residence. All they need is a bit a gold from a few generous donors, and possibly they need to include coffee on their menu. Because you just can't have writers without coffee.

Here's more from their page on GoFundMe:

$460 of 35k Raised by 5 people in 6 days Donate Now
Created December 1, 2014 Tim Raveling
We are three travelers: Katherine, Shawn, and Tim, writers and musicians all, who have spent years living in hostels, camping in fields, and sleeping on couches. We have been the recipients of unbelievable generosity, which has saved us from many a cold night and an empty stomach.

In July of 2014, we decided it was time to give back, both to the community and to wanderin…