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Feature Interview: Author Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn is a public school teacher who left his job to care for his younger son and to be a full-time writer. He resides in Conway, South Carolina with his wife and two sons, where he stalks the beaches like some goatee bearded swamp monster waiting for his next victim. Okay, that last part may be a bit of an exaggeration. He was featured in Best Horror of the Year Vol. 5 with editor Ellen Datlow. He was a featured author with Hazardous Press at the 2013 World Horror Convention and a panelist on RULES OF THE GENRE, is a columnist for Dark Eclipse and for Revolt Daily, andhis books Loose Ends: A Zombie NovelandTime Eatersare available through Karma Girl: Before we begin I have to ask, did you read my last interview with Paul Flewitt? Jay Wilburn: Yes, but I've read several recently, so it is not fresh in my mind. KG:(Steeples fingers with evil intent) Excellent! Okay, let's begin. Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself? Jay: My name is Jay Wilburn. I ta…

Insomnia, Wizard Vans, and Why Modern Women Read “50 Shades of Grey”

I’ve learned the hard way never to put down a book before I’ve at least read the first chapter. That said, I’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey and have no intention of doing so in the foreseeable future. Kristen Lamb, author of the #1 best-selling books We Are Not AloneThe Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer, has an interesting—and humorous—take on why these books are so popular with modern women.
Read the article here.

Never Leave Your Date Waiting...Unless You're Mad at Him and Your Aunt Owns a Shotgun

Here's another sneak peek of Mercy 2. Proof positive that, yes, I haven't totally been goofing off on facebook:

I was halfway down the stairway when Adam came for me. He wasn't calling me, but I knew it was him before Aunt Lottie answered the door. I could sense my Woogie's arrival like a dumb dog senses its idiot master has come home. He was standing on the front porch, tugging at the bow tie of his tux, and looking as nervous as a delinquent teenaged prom date. I was surprised that he would show up to pick me up personally, but not half as surprised as he was when Lolita opened the door, aimed her shotgun at his chest, and let him have it with both barrels. I cringed as Adam was propelled backward into the front yard. He was lying on the ground, his cummerbund ripped to bloody shreds. Too bad really. He had looked down right delicious in that tux.
"Good evening Mrs. Warren. Nice to see you again Mrs. Warren," Adam groaned.
"Good evening to you too Mr. Wor…

Feature Author: Paul Flewitt

Thought I'd give author interviewing a try. If I get through this without causing emotional trauma or getting sued, I might make this a monthly thing. If you are an author, illustrator, or just do something extremely cool (like moonlighting as a ninja) and you're looking for a blog interview, please PM me through my Facebook page here and we'll work something out.
Paul Flewitt is a writer and author of the upcoming novel Poor Jeffrey and contributing author of the newly released horror anthology All That Remains, published by J Ellington Ashton Press, edited by Catt Dahman. The anthology is available through Paul has graciously agreed to be my first victim...I mean, interviewee.
Karma Girl: Before we start, let me inform you of your rights: You have the right to remain silent, though this would be counterintuitive for our interviewing purposes. I suppose you have a right to a lawyer too, but I don't plan to libel you in any
way and even if I did, I have no mon…

Pink Slips and Caffeine Withdrawal

Have you ever had a day where the bad just kept piling up until it made you wonder if you were born to be some cosmic toilet for a being with diarrhea because the universe just kept crapping on you and wouldn't stop? Yes, that was the day I just had. I realize I'm being overdramatic, but really I could use a drink. Only I can't. Because that would be too damn easy, wouldn't it?

I woke up with a bladder infection. I had felt it coming on the day before, had rushed to Walgreens to buy as much Azo, cranberry juice, and water I could carry, and had convinced a relative to spot me some Amoxicillin. Yes, I should have gone to the doctor to get a prescription. Yes, I know it is "wrong" and possibly "dangerous" to bum medication not prescribed to me. Unfortunately, I don't have this thing called "medical insurance" so don't judge.

This relative (who, just in case one of my readers is a no good narc, I shall call...Shammy) told me I could pic…