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More Goodies to Come, But for Now...Enjoy the Funk. Downton Funk!

This post was supposed to be an entirely witty yet somewhat maudlin tribute to my Dad, but I don't have all the pictures I need and I need to verify some info from my Moms. If I have the time, I'll post it later, along with the promised minimum four posts a month (Doomtown Theater, Lazy Time Sunday Reblog, Massage post, and Feature Interview). Until then, please enjoy some funk. Downton Funk, Y'all! Brought to you by the guys at College Humor. Subscribe to their page for more irreverent videos.

I'm Still Alive. Honest.

Many of you-the two people who actually read this blog...probably-must be wondering where the hell I've been since I haven't posted anything in, like, forever. It's been a while, I know, but I'm still here. I've just been too busy cursing Mardi Gras traffic and getting over a sinus infection. And trying to make it to yoga class. And catching up on all the stories I was supposed to read for the last writer's circle meeting I went to. And the stories from the meeting I missed due to the aforementioned sinus infection. Suffice it to say, I've been a busy, busy bee. So, it's been close to ten years since I started this blog. A lot of you (both of you) might be wondering what I have planned for the year ahead. World domination is totally out of the question as I am too much of a procrastinating slacker to even come close to realizing that dream. Mostly I just plan to keep on writing like I always do and pray someone pays attention. And that someone clicks my …