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Why Steve Jobs and Apple Computers Suck

Tried to find Girl by the Beatles from their Rubber Soul album on iTunes. All I found was dreck done by cover bands. The Across the Universe soundtrack was the best version I could find. The singer did a good job, but only sang part of the first verse. My first reaction was annoyance and dismay. My next was to go in search for answers. This is what I found on Wikipedia:

The Beatles are among the few major artists whose recorded catalogue is not available through online music services such as iTunes and Napster.[273] Apple Corps' dispute with Apple, Inc. (owners of iTunes) over the use of the name "Apple" is partly responsible, although in November 2008 McCartney said the main obstacle was that EMI "want something we're not prepared to give them."[274] In March 2009, The Guardian reported that "the prospect of an independent, Beatles-specific digital music store" has been raised by Harrison's son, Dhani, who said, "We're losing money ev…