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The Start of a Beautiful Relationship...or a Declaration of War?

Goofing off on Facebook, I came across this article from BuzzFeed titled 24 People Who Are Really Nailing ThisParenting Thing. Number 10 was especially touching. One parent-whose kid suffers from seizures and is on a special, candy restricted diet-mailed out toys to different houses in his neighborhood just before Halloween so his kid wouldn’t miss out on the fun. Everyone was moved by this, discussing what a nifty idea it was until one of the commenters admitted to a most egregious sin: She passed out toothbrushes and pencils instead of candy or toys! The horror! Of course, this caused a shit storm of controversy—especially between two commentators, Kira Ader and Zvonko Katic. Guess which comment was mine:
Karen Sumpter: I've passed out toothbrushes and pencils in the past.
Kira Ader: And everyone hated you for it. The kids hated you because they wanted candy and the parents hated you because they then had to listen to their kids whine about not getting candy. Halloween is a candy …

Yoga Meetings and the Importance of Bathroom Breaks

I've discovered a new yoga stance. It's called the Pee-Pee Stance. To perform the first posture in this stance, squeeze your thighs together hard enough to make diamonds from coal. The next posture requires you to bite your lip while furtively peeking at the exits. The final posture: runner's stance. This is followed by a mad dash through the nearest exit while simultaneously hopping up and down, searching a maze of halls for a bathroom...or, in pinch, a potted plant.

I started working at a spa in a hotel in New Orleans a couple weeks ago and today marked my first meeting. Unfortunately, this meeting was held at eight in the morning and we were all supposed to arrive at 7:45. I was running late, but not too late to drink a huge ass mug of coffee. Because there's always time for coffee. Always. I made it there at 7:45 on the dot, considered myself lucky that my boss had yet to show, and pleasantly conversed with my coworkers until the boss lady arrived to lead us up to o…