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Mercy Bound #2 Chapter One Sneak Peak

I promised a sneak peek of chapter one of the next Mercy Cross book if my Facebook page reached 30 likes. Mission accomplished. Here's the first draft. Enjoy!

Mercy Bound #2 Chapter One
I was in the upstairs bathroom listening to my Dead Milkmen mixed tape, brushing my teeth and shaking my ass to the beat of Punk Rock Girl when I got The Call. Not by the Lord or anything like that. I’ve got nothing against the big G or religion in general, but I’ve never really taken to it for the same reasons I’ve never taken to learning magic from my aunt. An aversion to adhering to authority, a foxhole mentality when it comes to prayer, and a nasty habit of asking silly questions such as, “Yeah, yeah, faith and all that, but how is it possible to fit all those animals onto one tiny boat?” made me a poor choice in acolytes.
Nor was this particular call courtesy of Ma Belle, though a heads up would have been appreciated. It would have been nice to get a little warning before the gut-churning feeling…

The Week In Geek

Tune into The Week In Geek tonight at 7pm for some geeky goodness. My author buds Brandon Black and Rob Cerio are making their radio debut, so listen in!

And Now, Time For a Little Self Promotion!

My friend and fellow author James (AKA Brandon Black) convinced me to set up an author page on Goodreads. For those of you not addicted to Facebook, Goodreads is a "social cataloging" site that acts as a database for books and book reviews. Or something like that. You can suggest books to your friends, review books you've already read, and mark a book you're interested in as read, currently reading, or want to read. This can be confusing if you have an account under your real name as well as your author name, but it's an interesting way to find new books to read and a good way to promote your own work if you can't afford to publicize the old fashioned way, you know, with cold hard cash. I've set up my author page and linked my blog to the site, and because I don't think you've suffered enough, I even uploaded my picture. My real picture. A picture that is of me. For those of you who have never met me (and some of you who have), no, I am not a man.…