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Feature Author: Paul Flewitt

Author, Paul Flewitt
Thought I'd give author interviewing a try. If I get through this without causing emotional trauma or getting sued, I might make this a monthly thing. If you are an author, illustrator, or just do something extremely cool (like moonlighting as a ninja) and you're looking for a blog interview, please PM me through my Facebook page here and we'll work something out.

Paul Flewitt is a writer and author of the upcoming novel Poor Jeffrey and contributing author of the newly released horror anthology All That Remains, published by J Ellington Ashton Press, edited by Catt Dahman. The anthology is available through Paul has graciously agreed to be my first victim...I mean, interviewee.

Karma Girl: Before we start, let me inform you of your rights: You have the right to remain silent, though this would be counterintuitive for our interviewing purposes. I suppose you have a right to a lawyer too, but I don't plan to libel you in any
way and even if I did, I have no money. Suing is not much of an option. You have the right to be as serious as you want as long as you realize I'm a bit of a silly pants when it comes to this kind of stuff. Do you understand each of these rights as they have been told to you?

Paul: Yeah... but can I consult the demon on my shoulder before replying to your questions?

KG: Sure. Why not? He's probably acquainted with mine anyway. So, first question: Can you tell my readers a little about yourself and your background? Where did you study? Did you focus in writing or something else? And did you annoy your teachers as much as I annoyed mine?

Paul: name is Paul Flewitt, I'm a horror writer from Sheffield, UK. I'm a family man and write when I can between the kids and other life stuff. I didn't do the college/uni thing. I went out to work and wrote in my spare time. I gave up on school when I was 14. A teacher told me it wasn't doing me any good so I left. Did I annoy my teachers? A report which always sticks with me was from a form tutor who said "Paul is an enigma around school"...I liked that.

KG: Enigma as in "He's a super genius plotting to take over the world," type thing or "odd and mildly disturbing" or both?

Paul: Probably/possibly a bit of both if I think back to the kind of kid I probably was.

All That Remains
KG: Cool. So, what have you written and where can we buy your work? Will ID or parental approval be required? That last question is a lot more serious than you think. I had no idea Smashwords had an adult filter until I published through them.

Paul: No ID required. Currently I have a short story in JEA's All That Remains anthology and that will be followed very soon by my first novella, Poor Jeffrey, which is coming soon to Amazon.

KG: Can you tell us what they're about?

Paul: My short story is called "Paradise Park" and centers around a girl called Casey... she goes on a normal, family holiday to a place advertised as some kind of heaven. But it harbours a dark secret. Poor Jeffrey is a coming of age zombie horror with a twist, in that the zombie isn't the bad guy. It answers the question "What can go wrong with magic?"
Poor Jeffrey

KG: Sounds interesting. I'm a fan of the zombie genre myself. Is horror your main thing or have you ever considered branching out into other genres? If so what kind?

Paul: I always consider myself a dark fantasy writer, horror is a genre that I enjoy a lot. Most of the writers I look up to are pretty dark, so I suppose it's no real surprise that my writing is pretty dark too. I do like to experiment, though. So soon you may see an erotic horror story with my name alongside that of Scarlett Metal, a good friend of mine and writer of erotica.

KG: Are you two planning a collaboration of some kind?

Paul: Yes we our spare time.

KG: Well, I know I'll be looking out for that. What made you decide to sit down and put words to paper? Why did you become a writer and what themes if any do you like to relay to your readers?

Paul: I suppose I started writing because of my Dad. He used to write poetry when I was young and always encouraged reading. There were always books around the house. The first time I consciously remember writing was one night he was trying to compose a poem, I kept bugging him so he gave me a pen and some paper to write my own. So I did. Again and again. From poetry to story writing isn't a great leap, I guess. I decided to put my stories out this year because I wasn't working and was struggling to find a job. I had the time to write properly for the first time since school and so I did. People thought my stories were good and so here I am. Themes I like are pretty much anything that I might find creepy or interesting...that's the foundation. Other than that I don't go into a project with a preconceived idea as to a particular message. I just would like to be known as writing a nice tale.

KG: Interesting. Now on to the more serious questions. You're British so maybe you can help me out with this one: Hugh Laurie's accent. What's up with that? I heard his real accent for the first time in a TV interview and I was all freaked out.

Paul: Hugh Laurie is the most amazing actor, isn't he? I would advise you try and catch Jeeves and Wooster, based on PG Wodehouse. Its classic comedy.

KG: Oh, I will British guy. I will. Next serious question: Have you ever met Terry Pratchett and was he as awesome as I know he must be? Also what is your favorite spoon? If you've never read his Discworld series, disregard that last question.

Paul: You know, I haven't met Terry Pratchett, and I've never read his books either. It's strange because I always go into a bookstore with the intention of buying something of his, and walk out with something totally different. I've seen The Hogfather and Going Postal on TV and they were amazing! Note to out Mr. Pratchett.

KG: I'll try not to hold that against you, Paul. (insert suspicious glower here) Last question: Where can my readers find out more about you and your work? Facebook, twitter, blog links, etc.?

Paul: My facebook author page is here... My twitter is @PaulFlewittJEA...I run both it is really me behind the pixels.

KG: Cool! Good luck with your writing and thank you for not only taking the time to take part in this interview, but also for putting up with my silly questions with that stiff upper lip mentality you wonderful Brits are known and loved for!

Paul: I've smiled through all of it...the clich├ęs really don't count in my case. :) Thanks for having me, its been fun!

Indeed Paul. Indeed. (Insert monocle here)


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