Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm Still Alive. Honest.

Many of you-the two people who actually read this blog...probably-must be wondering where the hell I've been since I haven't posted anything in, like, forever. It's been a while, I know, but I'm still here. I've just been too busy cursing Mardi Gras traffic and getting over a sinus infection. And trying to make it to yoga class. And catching up on all the stories I was supposed to read for the last writer's circle meeting I went to. And the stories from the meeting I missed due to the aforementioned sinus infection. Suffice it to say, I've been a busy, busy bee.
So, it's been close to ten years since I started this blog. A lot of you (both of you) might be wondering what I have planned for the year ahead. World domination is totally out of the question as I am too much of a procrastinating slacker to even come close to realizing that dream. Mostly I just plan to keep on writing like I always do and pray someone pays attention. And that someone clicks my ads. Because I hear I'm supposed to get paid for that. And even though money supposedly doesn't buy you happiness, it would certainly allow me to be miserable in comfort.
Pictured above: Sweet, sweet misery.
This year, I've deciding to up my posting minimum to four posts a month. I'm cutting the Lazy Time Reblog posts down to one a month, but I want to include at least one Doomtown Theater post, one Feature Interview, and one massage related post. Not this month, obviously, because February is so short and Mardi Gras is a pain in the ass that sucks all the writing energy out of me. Seriously people. Never accept employment from a company located in the middle of a parade zone. You will never go home. But starting in March, I'm putting the four post minimum into affect. You may now rejoice.

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