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The iPod Nano: More Fun Than Beating Your Head Against a Brick Wall!

For me, technology is a lot like love. It's frustrating, heartbreaking, and it makes you sick to your stomach just thinking about it, but just try living without it.

After the storm, I made the mistake of mentioning to D- that I had lost many of my CD's during the evacuation. This was a mistake. My boyfriend is a gadget junky. If it has buttons or glows or makes wacky R2D2 beeps and whistles, D- will make a bee line to the nearest Circuit City to see if it's on sale. He bought me the iPod Nano. He explained how this sleek little rectangular wonder of technology would hold up to 1,000 songs for me and that I wouldn't have to worry about carrying a bulky CD player around while jogging. He said I wouldn't have to worry about losing or scratching CD's anymore because it would all be there in my Apple library. Set up was so easy, even someone as technologically challenged as I could work this puppy out.

My boyfriend is very naïve.

Setting up the account was relatively easy, I'll give him that. The "easy to follow steps" were, in fact, easy to follow. Once the account was set up, however, it was all down hill from there. I could purchase music, but I couldn't figure out how to update my music onto the actual iPod itself. I would click on file and there would be the update button in grey. Unclickable. Okay. I went through help options. Help options were decidedly unhelpful. Either the things I had to click were in grey, or I couldn't find them. I would end up calling my boyfriend or my friend Tracy to see if they could guide me through the process. Why, I wondered, didn't my iPod automatically update once I purchased a song. As long as the thing is plugged in, it should update, right? Christ, I hate technology!

I would end up clicking on things randomly in a desperate attempt to get my music onto the blasted Nano. My iPod would get updated, only I wouldn't have a clue what it was I clicked to make it so. I went through this every time I purchased a song. To this day, I don't know what it was I clicked to make that damn update button clickable. Once it was updated, the Nano was everything my boyfriend claimed it to be. Light weight, easy to carry, and no bulky CD cases to lug around. I loved it while I used it, but there was always that nagging feeling knowing that eventually I would tire of my current music selection and be forced to go through the same nerve wracking saga again.

Fast forward to this morning. I'm sitting at my computer, beating my head against my computer desk wondering why the hell he didn't just give me something less frustrating like herpes or something. This time while fiddling around, I lost my entire music selection. MY ENTIRE FUCKING MUSIC SELECTION!!! Well, almost my entire music selection. It downloaded the last song I bought and some others I've never seen before. Oh, the wonders of technology!

I sent Apple two e-mails. One was a rather snarky note as to what I thought of their product. I wrote it shortly after I realized I might have to buy back every song I had purchased. The second e-mail was a little more calm, detailed the problem, and requested if it would be possible to get my selection back free of charge. I doubt this will happen (the snarky letter will undoubtedly count against me). I should be getting a reply e-mail in another 48 hours. Sigh.

In the meantime, I've decided to go back to my low tech roots and dig up my old CD player. Or maybe I'll see if my grandmother has an old record player that runs on batteries. I could strap it on my back while jogging. The extra weight would be great for resistance, but the constant skipping could totally screw up my rhythm.


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hi Nice Blog .Setting the backlight to “always on” will significantly reduce your Ipod batteries life. Only use the backlight when necessary.


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