Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Life Less Complicated

I've removed two of my blogs: Tree of Life(tm) and Karma Slaves

My reasons are varied:

1)I haven't updated either in forever
2)I'm too lazy to start back up
3)No one was reading them anyway
4)I'm too lazy to go back and read what I was writing so I can pick up from where I left off
5)I've revised (in the case of Karma Slaves) so often, it doesn't remotely resemble the original posting
5)I'm too lazy to post the rewrites
6)I'm rewriting (in the case of Tree of Life) the original into another genre
7)Did I mention I was too damn lazy?

I left The Blessing Curse up because it had the most comments, leading me to believe someone cared about that piece of drivel once upon a time. I don't have the heart to read over it just yet. I'll need to take a powerful antacid and a handful of ibuprofen before I can look at it without cringing.

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