Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Queen Calamitous with her right hand man, Tiny
"The Adventures of Keith Flippen, Didgerdoo Player from the 3rd Dimension," by Zombie and the Brain to premier on YouTube.

New Orleans, LA (October 23, 2013) "The Adventures of Keith Flippen" is premiering on YouTube for the first time since it's successful KickStarter concluded in April of 2013. Filmed over the summer, the six episode run was produced by Zombie and the Brain on a $9,097 budget with a cast and crew size of about 50 members.

The sci-fi serial adventure orbits around didgeridoo playing protagonist Keith Flippen (Jeff Robert) as he travels the cosmos with whacky space ranger Colonel Lance Victory (Ladson Deyne), the brilliant Professor Gunterschnitz (Frank Levy), and their plucky secretary Penelope Goodheart (Rebecca Elizabeth Hollingsworth).

Keith may just be looking for a gig, but the Colonel is focused on one mission: putting a stop to an evil queen's malicious plans. Queen Calamitous (Shelley Johnson Rucker), joined by her second in command Tiny (Matt Standley) and a hoard of zombie minions, seeks the ancient Plaught Device to spread her dominion over the Galactic Empire. Can our heroes stop her? There's only one way to know for sure...

Watch "The Adventures of Keith Flippen" at Zombie and the Brains' YouTube page:

On the set of Keith Flippen

"The Adventures of Keith Flippen" pays homage to classic serial adventures like Buck Rogers, Flash Gorden, and classic Doctor Who. The show was originally created for the 2012 New Orleans 48 Hour Film Project where it won numerous awards including best in show. It has since been shown in several film festivals including Filmapalooza, New Orleans Film Festival, Crossroads Film Festival, and the Big Easy Film Festival.
About Zombie and the Brain

The New Orleans based film troupe was founded by producers Shannon Kitchens, Kirk Stonicher, and James Huval in 2010. Since then the team has participated in the annual New Orleans 48 Hour Film Project while also producing original shorts and covering local events like Wizard World's Comic Con, zombie pub crawls, and more.

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