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LAUNDRY DAY Begins Production In New Orleans

November is NaNoWriMo, so I'm going to busier than...a person...who is very busy? Forgive me. My brain hurts from trying to write a 50,000 word novel. On the plus side, I might actually finish the sequel to my first book before the end of time. Yay me! Unfortunately, this means my schedule this month will be hectic, and I'm going to have to cut back on my blog posts. I can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth even as I type this. I have an author interview set up for sometime this week, however, so don't fret.

And here's a little something to keep my adoring fan(s) satiated until this mad month of NaNo is over. My apologies to Cheri Cerio who gave this to me three days ago to post:

LAUNDRY DAY Begins Production In New Orleans

Armak Productions is proud to announce that the new feature film LAUNDRY DAY begins production in New Orleans in November, using an all-New Orleans cast, crew, and creative team. LAUNDRY DAY is a dark comedy noir from the award-winning filmmakers behind indie festival hit BURNING ANNIE, and it is set in NOLA’s “brackish waters” where the lower French Quarter meets the Marigny triangle among the service industry underclass— ie. bartenders, musicians, drug dealers, strippers, performance artists, etc.— who live, die, work, fuck, and fight there.
LAUNDRY DAY is the third feature of award-winning writer-director-producer Randy Mack, but his first in/of/about New Orleans. “I got tired of the 'Hollywood South' myth,” says Mack, “NOLA hasn't produced a feature film about itself in the better part of a decade. Most films shot here— sadly, even by locals— could take place anywhere, and BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is a bayou film with no relevance to life in Orleans Parish. 'Treme'? I bet the Chamber of Commerce loved it. This is the best city for stories in the country: the deepest history, the most lawless, idiosyncratic culture, the best raconteurs. It's time for New Orleans filmmakers to step up and tell real New Orleans stories.”
LAUNDRY DAY is a clever yet moving nonlinear dark twist of a tale exploring four lost souls entangled in the service industry that never sleeps. A bizarre fight erupts among low-lifes in a bar- laundromat, but revisiting their respective day(s) reveals a twisted web of hilarious & harrowing personal intrigues. In the tradition of indie game-changers like BARFLY, PULP FICTION, FARGO, and MAGNOLIA, it is uniquely inspired by a true story that could only happen in NOLA. It boasts a stellar cast of award-winning NOLA talent, including Billy Slaughter, Kerry Cahill, Diana Shortes, Kurt Krause, Michael Martin, Theo Crane, Tony Pallo, Gideon Hodge, and Samantha Huffman.
Many notable NOLA musicians are contributing to LAUNDRY DAY, including Rotary Downs, Sneaky Pete and the Fens, Caddywhompus, Sweet Crude, The Night Janitor, Vox and the Hound, The Dana Abbott Band, Beth Patterson, Andy J Forest, The Nervous Duane Orkestra, Strange Roux, Ariana Eve, Dominic Fusca, and The Happy Talk Band. Original music is being written for the film by The Get Rwongs.
NOLA auteur Glen Pitre and award-winning Austin-based producer Chris Ohlson are advisors to the production. Internationally renowned producers rep Steven Beer is representing the film for FWRV. Producers Lexxi Broussard and Marshall Woodworth are both from southern Louisiana, have produced a variety of short films and videos across genres, and are looking forward to making the first local feature about downtown New Orleans in too-many years... Ya heard, brah?
Randy Mack (writer-director/producer)— born in Curitiba, Brazil; raised in New Haven, CT. Winner of the Connecticut Penny Awards for comedic documentary about school food. Produced, co- wrote and co-directed the feature ONE WEEK TO BILL'S THING in New York City. Wrote, directed, shot, and produced the short films “Five Minutes Late,” “Laundry Morning,” and “Two Minutes Ago” in New Orleans. His screenplays have semi-finaled multiple times in the Nicholl Fellowship, Austin, Final Draft and Chesterfield awards. Produced, co-wrote, and co-directed the feature BURNING ANNIE, which premiered at the Hamptons Film Festival, won six awards on the film festival circuit, and was acquired by LightYear/Warner Bros.
Armak Productions PO Box 56307 • New Orleans • LA • 70156


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