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Feature Interview: Shannon Kitchens-Stonicher

Shannon Kitchens-Stonicher
Shannon Kitchens-Stonicher is that fabulous mix of librarian, filmmaker, and part-time writer that makes me believe she just might be a superhero in her downtime...if there is such a thing for the Shannons of this world. Today, she joins us for an interview, and no, she will not be wearing a cape.

Karma Girl: Please state your name, place of residence, and occupation for the record. Be aware, we know who you are and where to find you.

Shannon: Shannon and part-time writer. Kitchens; Metairie, LA; librarian by day, filmmaker by night.

KG: You started a Kickstarter project in February of last year called The Adventures of Keith Flippen. Can you tell us a little bit about this project and how it got its start? Was the mafia involved? The space mafia, perhaps?

Shannon: The Adventures of Keith Flippen is the story of Keith, a space-age Didgeridoo player, who is caught right in the middle of the epic, apparently endless, struggle between noble Colonel Victory and the evil Queen Calamitious. Paying homage to classic Sci-Fi Serials such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, The Adv. of Keith Flippen is a modern sci-fi parody with a retro look and those delicious cliff-hanger endings. With eye-popping, on-a-tight-budget sets and innovative art direction, each episode is a little gem of hilarious, campy mayhem.

Keith Flippen started out as 48HFP (meaning, it was made from concept to finished product in 48 hours or less), where it won an almost embarrassing amount of awards, including the 2012 New Orleans Best Overall. But before we were a winner, the Sunday after filming, as we were reviewing the finish product on my couch, one of the cast looked at me and said, “When are we doing the next episode?”

As the 48HFP Keith Flippen toured the country, we got that same question over and over. So we decided to start a Kickstarter.

I’m pretty sure the Space Mafia had to be involved because I’m still baffled by the money we raised on Kickstarter.

KG: What plans do you have for Keith Flippen in the future?

Shannon: For right now, the immediate future of Keith Flippen is full of merch. We have tee-shirts and shot glasses and stickers and all sorts of fun stuff that will go towards the funding of Season 2, which will probably be in limbo until we can raise our view count dramatically or secure additional funding.

KG: What other projects are you working on?

Shannon: On the burner next is a new web series called Athyl the Mermaid. A vlog like show where Athyl, a trailer-trash, foul mouth, forty drinking merman who lives in a kiddy pool in the back yard, rates current events, pop culture, and all things life on how f**k-able it is.

This spring we’re thinking about shooting a 4 episode web series called “Drunken Sherlock” where a drunk Sherlock solves the wrong crime. This is very early in development.

I’m also working on a co-writing project with a friend across the country where we’re going to write the next Disney fairy tale movie (and blog about it on Writing the Magic).

KG: What’s up with MoralBot 3000? Is it really moral, or is it just programmed that way?

Shannon: Oh MoralBot! His circuiting isn’t quite right, but his heart is in the right place. He reveals the moral of each episode, as well as is an actual functioning robot (really, he is). Though, he may have been cross connected with the professor’s disastrous fortune cookie machine...

KG: How does one pay tribute to Space Buddha?

Shannon: Good question. I suspect by keeping calm and carrying on. Though, I’m following the word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, so I haven’t kept up with the modern views regarding Space Buddha.

KG: Where can my readers find, follow, stalk you?


Feel free to follow Ms. Kitchens at Shannon on Writing, Rewriting, and Filmming, the blog she writes when not filmmaking or saving the city from evil doers. Keep us safe, Shannon, and may Space Buddha be with you always.


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