Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Zombie Orpheus Entertainment & Rallsfilm

Back when I was a kid, there were these little comic booklets church going adults would give to kids to keep them quiet and to set them along the righteous path. The main message of these booklets was that everyone needed to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior like right now or else. They also taught that everything in the world is pure evil, everything but Jesus and the bible. The King James version of the bible. Not those other...less reliable versions? These comics were evangelical tracts written and drawn by a man named Jack T. Chick (Chick tracts), and they were awesome in their foolishness.

According to the word of Jack Chick, the list of evil things includes homosexuality, Catholicism, pornography, any religion that isn't Christian (except Catholicism because Catholics are bad, for some reason), and Dungeons & Dragons, to a name a few. D&D was one of the biggies. There was some big to do about it being an indoctrination tool for the occult (bad), and he even did a tract claiming that certain members were taught "real" magic if they reached one of the higher player levels. This, of course, made me want to learn more about the subject. If Chick had been smart, he would have said members were forced to do Algebra equations or dishes or give up candy for life or something despicable like that. Math, chores, and health food? Big turn off for kids, Jack. Just FYI.

"Just five more loads and my DM will totally teach me how to do the real magic missile!"

The beauty of Chick tracts are that they are so over the top with their allegations of persistent and ever present evil in ordinary life that they make themselves a parody without even trying. Which is probably why the guys at Rallsfilm and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment made a movie adaptation of Dark Dungeons, a Chick tract explaining the evils of RPG. The movie is almost word for word with the tract it's based on, and it is all the more funnier because of it. J.R. Ralls even had the balls to ask Chick Publications for the rights to make the movie version of the comic. And the dude got them! Roll twenty for awesome!

In honor of Ralls' massive brass ones, this week's Lazy Time Reblog Sunday is dedicated to him and the guys at ZOE for bringing Chick's paranoid fantasies to life. You can buy the movie here for just five bucks. You can follow Ralls here on his Facebook page. The guys at ZOE can be found here and here. And I also did a Doomtown Theater live-tweet movie review that can be found on Storify and will soon be up for display on Skeptical South's Live-Tweet Theater page. Until then, peace out bitches, and may your rolls be ever natural!


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