Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doomtown Theater Presents: The Craft

Hollywood, it seems, is big on reboots. Lots and lots of reboots. So I wasn't surprised when I heard Sony is remaking The Craft, a movie that came out in 1996 BSM (Before Social Media) about what happens when you give a group of teenage girls magical powers.

This, but with magic missile and a levitating Fairuza Balk.

A lot of people from my generation (what you youngsters born After Social Media call "old people") are worried it couldn't possibly live up to the original and that Sony will screw it up like Universal screwed up Jem and the Holograms. I, personally, don't care what they do. I liked the movie when it came out, but it wasn't so life changing that I'm ready to hold a Sony exec hostage until I see a copy of the script. And it's not like this is a George Lucas film. The original is still out there for me to enjoy if the new movie turns out to suck major gopher wang.

But before Sony inevitably does shit on my childhood, I had a fit of 90s nostalgia and decided to give it another watch. Still not life changing, but it's always fun to watch Balk play crazy.

So here it is. This month's Doomtown Theater brings you:

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