Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hell on $5 a Day

Found an interesting blog novel on the Web Fiction Guide. It's called Hell on $5 a Day written by Greg Bulmash. Here's a synopsis:

Alain Beaudreaux, a vampire, loved a mortal woman for 64 years. Now she’s in Heaven and he’s determined to join her, but he’ll have to go through Hell to do it.

Kurt Grey, a junior copywriter, hit on the wrong woman at the wrong time. Now he’s been thrown through a portal into Hell and has an angry vampire hot on his heels. He must find his way to Heaven if he ever hopes to get home.

Two men, one amazing journey, and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

I've read chapter one and I'm impressed. The intro really grabbed me. Give it a read if you're interested in vamp fic. Remember to leave a review.

My submission was accepted. Read it! I command you *insert intense meglomaniacal stare here*.

Also I've finally added a chapter to The Blessing Curse. Yes, I know it's a long time coming. I'm hoping to put up another chapter by tonight before I leave for work. Maybe. Perhaps.

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  1. I'll check that one out.

    Thanks :D