Monday, December 08, 2008

Missed Nanowrimo

Missed Nanowrimo last month due to school. I'm sick of rewriting the one from last year and have decided to put it up here for your enjoyment...or derision. Whatever. I have it copyrighted, but I seriously doubt anyone would be desperate enough to steal the thing. I'm working on Book Two in the series. I will probably never finish it but the story is burning a hole inside my head and I must get it out. Insert tortured artist pose here.

On the glass is half full side, I passed Swedish Massage and Muscle Palpation. I have been making my friends and coworkers very happy indeed as I have used them for practice these past few months. I even have my own massage table now though the one I bought isn't as good as the ones I used to borrow from school. Still, I think it will last me until I graduate.

I have decided to take five classes next semester because I'm crazy. And I'm fed up with the gambling industry. I will be taking Special Populations-a class I hear I won't be required to take exams-MSTH Business Ethics, Pathology, Deep Tissue/Neuro Muscular Massage, and hopefully Clinic I. No exams for Clinic either as I will be graded on client feedback. If I can get through this next semester I will only have to take four more classes the next. After that comes the National Licencing exam which I hear will cost me over $200 just to take. Arg!

Oh, and if you want to really make me happy, here's my Christmas wish list: Lots and lots of stuff!!!

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