Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Thug Notes Presents: The Giver

Sparky Sweets, PhD.
A couple months ago, I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 with the hubby and was happily surprised when they showed The Giver as one of the opening trailers. Then I realized the entire thing was in color. If you've ever read the book this movie is based on, you might understand why I felt somewhat deflated. A second trailer came out recently that showed that while some of the scenes are indeed in black and white (leaving me to suspect someone in editing decided to digitally alter a few scenes after a bunch of online bitching), there are still a few deviances from the book that make me wonder if this isn't going to be another World War Z fiasco. And I don't care what Max Brooks says. The movie version of his book was shit plain and simple. Brad Pitt can just suck it.

In honor of Lois Lowry and her wonderful book (and hopefully her equally wonderful adaptation...knock on wood), this week's Lazy Time Reblog is brought to you by Sparky Sweets, PhD. Dr. Sweets is the host of Thug Notes, a show on the Wisecrack channel on YouTube where, as the banner over his channel suggests, you can "learn your ass off". Thug Notes is kind of like Spark Notes, only more fun. This week's episode is dedicated to The Giver. Please be sure to subscribe to his channel, and remember: The book is always better than the movie. Always. I'm looking at you, Brad.

For real, player.

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