Monday, September 29, 2014

Doomtown Theater Presents: Forever

I'm the type of person that will yell at a book when the characters do something stupid (i.e. searching a suspect's house without a warrant), but will give TV characters a free pass. This is because I consider most TV shows to be nothing more than brain candy-not intellectually nutritious and hard to stop consuming once I start. There are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, TV Time is Veg Time.

Which is why I'll probably continue to keep watching Forever on ABC. Its premise is about an immortal medical examiner (not a vampire, for a change) looking for a way to die without ending up waking up in the nearest body of water. Naked. After watching the pilot, I have to agree with most critics that there isn't anything in the show that breaks new ground, but it's entertaining, so I'll probably give it a chance. The show's writers need a lesson in research and common sense, however. There were one or two times when characters put themselves into situations that had even me rethinking my brain candy-TV Veg time rule. And one of the characters is a Holocaust survivor. This wouldn't be a problem if the main character hadn't found him as a baby in a death camp. Babies, in general, didn't survive death camps because Nazis were murderous douchebags that only allowed able bodied workers to live long enough to starve to death, work themselves to death, or die of disease and/or abuse. I've done research on the Holocaust, so this is one of those nit picky things that will probably bother me for the entire run of the series.

Still, wet naked guy. Gives me something to hold on too. (Cue comedic drum roll)

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