Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Feminist Frequency

If the definition of feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities (which according to Merriam-Webster, is exactly what it is), then I guess that's what I am. Personally, I wish we could all just get along and stop beating each other up over stupid crap like whether or not to leave the toilet seat up or put it back down after use. The latter, of course, is the correct choice, and I'll defend that assertion to my grave. I'm certainly not going to kill my husband over the issue, though. Especially since we have an unspoken agreement that if he puts the seat down, I'm responsible for removing hair from the sink, thus keeping my ass dry, the plumbing from getting clogged, and our marriage from dissolving into ruination. Fair is fair, after all.

This week's Lazy Time Reblog comes from Anita Sarkeesian, creator and host of the web series Feminist Frequency. I was a little hesitant about reblogging this one, not only because the subject matter attracts the type of trolls I'm not keen on dealing with, but also because Sarkeesian is a bit of a controversial subject in her own right. She has the entire gaming community in an uproar over her Tropes vs. Women series and was the target of some online harassment. Although I don't agree with everything she says in the series, I do believe it's her right to say it. So here it is, and my rules for hate mail and comments still apply. If you don't want to be blogged, don't email me.

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