Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lazy Time Reblog Sunday: Something Positive

*Blogger's Note* Sorry for the late posting. I was stuck in Mississippi last week taking my CEU's for the year. And my apologies to R.K. Milholland. I couldn't get in touch with you to find out if it was okay to reblog one of your strips, but I left the links to both your web comic as well as your art store. Because capitalism is awesome...and please don't sue me.

I have a love hate relationship with web comics. I love to read them. I hate waiting for them to be updated, especially ones like Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes by Tarol "Thunt" Hunt that totally get me engaged in the story and then take eons for the new strip to be posted. I would give Hunt my right tit if he would just post on a regular basis, but he's a guy and probably has no use for mammaries unless they were still attached to me. Then again, considering the state of my saggy bosom, maybe not. Penny Arcade, written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik, is better, updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I think my favorite web comic hands down has got to be Something Positive, a comic dripping with the kind of humor I like the most-dark and snarky. SP is written and illustrated by R. K. Milholland, a man who became something of a legend in the online comics industry when, after numerous complaints regarding his own tendency for late updates, he dared his readers to donate the equivalent of his yearly salary. They not only met that goal in less than a month, they exceed it. Milholland now updates SP Monday through Friday like clockwork. Usually.

Feeling left out? Want to give Randy some of your hard earned money? Visit his link on Blind Ferret or his art store and buy gobs of stuff. Because capitalism is what made this country great. That and stealing land that didn't belong to us and making promises we had no intention of keeping. But mostly capitalism.

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