Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Flunking Biology

Never take A&P II during the summer semester. I have spent most of today trying to cram two chapters worth of material into my brain for a test I have to take tomorrow. Yes, I've been studying all week. No, it isn't nearly enough time. The problem is there's a test every week and we've already started reading the chapters for the next test after this one. What really irks me is that I don't need any of this stuff. If I had the money to go to Bluecliff I wouldn't have to take biology at all, from what I've been told. All I need is a D to pass this class, but this excelerated schedual is so fucking gruelling I feel like my brains are leaking out of my ears!

Meanwhile, at work I'm being forced to learn another table game. Texas Holdem. Yay. I was able to get out of learning flop poker only because I took PTO on the days they annouced the mandatory classes and the previous supervisor at the time didn't see it was necessary for me to learn it since I was part time. My current supervisor is a stickler. Everyone must learn. I would try to use my womanly wiles to persuade him to let me off the hook, but my boyfriend wouldn't look too kindly on that...and I'm not sure I could pull it off without my super a)laughing his ass off or b)fireing me for sexual harassment. He is a stickler, as I said.

I'll post the rest of the Veruca Marime character sheet later tonight and possibly another villian. Possibly, maybe, perhaps.

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