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Villain: Dinah Renoir

Name: Dinah Renoir

Occupation: Head Seer of the Order of Mages and Inner Circle council member.

Age: Born 1973, thirty-five years old by the time of Lost Days. Like most mages, Dinah is a reincarnate.

Appearance: A tall Parisian with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Fashionable dresser, wearing the finest designers, prefers feminine styles, and wears a veil or hijab when she wishes to hide her identity.

Past: Dinah was discovered before she was even conceived, as her predecessor literally knew where she would be reincarnated. She was taken from her mother the same day she was born and sent to the veil where she mentored under an old seer (a friend from her former life). Dinah’s mentor was the mother figure she never had, became very close to the woman and mourned her passing even before the old woman knew she was going to die.

Throughout her childhood, Dinah received visions of the coming catastrophe. She realized before anyone else that the twin souls of Soja would split once more creating three separate souls: Jude, Daemon, and Eve. She kept this prophesy to herself because she knew the Order would attempt to prevent this from happening. If they succeeded, Hunter would have succeeded in killing Jude and her next incarnation would most certainly submit. She also saw what the demon seer (an Infernal who informed Daemon Hunter of his coming destiny) hadn’t seen: the possibility of Jude submitting to Eve and vise versa. If this were to happen, Jude and Eve’s soul would merge giving them the strength to take Hunter down. Although this would not guarantee Jude or Eve’s soul would remain pure, Dinah felt it was the best option out of many bad ones.

When she was twelve, Dinah foresaw the coming conflict in the alley in New Orleans. Realizing what was to come, she used a spell to hide Eve’s presence from the Order. The spell worked a little too well, hiding the girl from Dinah’s own second sight. She spent the next couple decades searching for Eve. Unable to find her through “legal” channels, Dinah hired Randall Cobb to aid her in her search. She gave him a spell to unbind Soja’s Necronomicon—a magical text that is supposed to follow the twin souls through each incarnation—from a vampire named Lucas, whom it had been entrusted to (takes place in Lost Days, the first book in the series). Dinah later killed Cobb to cover her tracks when his part in the theft was discovered at the beginning of Beguiled (second book in the series). She also may have had a hand in disrupting the ritual that was supposed to bring Hunter back in 2006, fearing he would grow too strong for Jude to defeat when she returned in 2008.

Traits: Flirty and seemingly naïve, Dinah knows more than she lets on. She can be vicious when someone stands in her way, though she rationalizes her actions by telling herself it is all for the greater good and perhaps it is.


  1. Dinah sounds easier to relate to than Veruca, though perhaps more frightening/unnerving for that very fact. :)


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