Sunday, June 01, 2008

Villian: Veruca Marime'

Here's a brief sketch of my first villian. I'll add more later.

Name: Veruca Marime' (real name Vera Moris)

Story Title: Twin Souls Series: Beguiled

Character Importance: Main Antagonist

Character Type: Nexus, sucubus or psycic vampire

Physical Appearance(Gender, age, body type, hair, eyes, facial features, dress, posture, movements, mannerisms, speech, first impression) : Female, apparent age ranges between twenty-five and thirty. Veruca is 5'7" and waif like. She has dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. Her eyes are her most remarkable facial feature. Usually can be seen wearing vynal, corsets, and six inch steletos when out in public. Members of the press have often remarked that if she ever gave up her singing carear she would be well equiped to go into the dominatrix profession. Her dress is more relaxed when she is not on stage or in public, leaning towards expensive silk kimonos and very little else. Her movements are fluid and cat like and quicker than most human movement which is why she is often mistaken for a Were. She has this strange habit of cocking her head to the side and grinning when she looks at a person that can be very disconserting. Veruca also has a habit of invading a person's personal space. She speaks with an American English accent, but her speach has a tendancy to pick up certain aspects of those she "feeds" from. The first impression most people have of her when they see her on stage is that she is a dark scary goth girl. The first impression most people get upon meeting her in person(especially after seeing her on stage) is surprise at how intelligent and well mannered she can be, inspite of her tendency to invade a person's personal space.

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