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Villian: Veruca Marime' (cont)

A continuation of the character sketch for Veruca Marime':

Occupation: Lead singer for the band Marime'

Age: Apparent age 25-30; real age 120 yeas old born in 1888

Past: Born Vera Morris in Ireland in the year 1888. Vera's was born to an unwed mother who had been raped by an incubus (making Vera a Cambion or half-human offspring of the union between a human and a succubus or incubus). Not believing her story, her family sent her to a Magdalene asylum to have the baby. Vera was transferred to the asylum's orphanage.

The nuns suspected there was something strange about the child from the earliest. Vera was at first thought to be a still born because she gave no indication of life (didn't breath or have a heart beat or pulse) and was only saved from premature burial when she started to cry. She later grew out of this state of "unlife" a few months after birth.

Vera grew up to be a beautiful child who never got sick in spite of the fact that the other children were constantly coming down with ailments due to the poor living conditions of the orphanage. One particular incident gave the holy sister in charge pause when Rebecca McDonagh, a ten year old girl who constantly teased Vera, came down with a mysterious "wasting sickness". At the same time, Vera was refusing to enter the main chapel for prayers and confession. When the holy sister literally tried to drag the Vera into the chapel against her will the girl "wailed and screamed something fierce, as if every demon in hell were waiting for her in that sanctum!" One of the holy sisters claimed that the girl began to scream when she tried to force Vera to hold her rosary, threw the beads to the ground, and held her hand defensively to her chest as if it had been burned. When the sister later pried her clinched fingers open to inspect the hand, she found a cross shaped welt on the palm. A priest was called to perform an exorcism which lasted three days. Vera came close to death twice, but made it through unscathed. The priest was not so lucky. He left the orphanage looking twenty years older and his hair had gone completely grey a matter of days. He died of a stroke two weeks later. Rebecca McDonagh made a miraculous recovery after Vera was sent away.

Shortly after this incident, Vera was sent to the laundries at the age of twelve and was confined there with the other Magdalenes for the next five years. She learned she could not only feed off the life force of others but heighten the emotions of the people around her. Conditions in the asylum were bad on their own, but Vera made them worse by focusing her powers to heighten the resentment and bitterness of some of the more susceptible nuns and even a few of her fellow Magdalenes. These women would take their aggressions out on the other girls, making them more miserable and allowing Vera to feed off of a bigger "herd" instead of just one person at a time. She became a misery junky and would have remained in the house if it hadn't been burned to the ground by one of the Madgalenes in retaliation for abuses committed by the priest-ironically, not under Vera's control.

After the fire, Vera slipped away from the church authorities and changed her name to Veruca Marime', a name she took from one of the Magdalenes. The girl was a gypsy taken from her parents when she became pregnant out of wedlock; when asked what her people called her, she misunderstood the question and replied, "I am marime," which means a state of impurity. Vera took a job singing and dancing at a Cabaret club in Paris where she used her talents as a succubus to rouse the crowd into a heightened state of excitement.

She roamed around Europe over the next year, but felt an uncontrollable urge to visit German South-West Africa. Vera persuaded a wealthy German Industrialist to take her to the coastal city of Lüderitz and later was allowed to visit the nearby Haifischinsel or "Shark Island", a post-world war concentration camp for the Herero and Nama tribes. There she bumped into Dorian Oswald, an American journalist who immediately recognized her to be a Nexus, a person drawn to accidents of fate, catastrophes, and cross roads events. They discussed her other "abilities" and he warned her-a few years too late-that if she abused the power she would become addicted. He especially warned her not to feed off the nexus events as they would addict her to the misery of others and bring out her demonic blood, but by then, she had already had her fill in Haifischinsel and was too far gone to care.

They met again in Sarajevo on the 28th of June 1914 when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Oswald became furious when he realized she was feeding off the crowd. Again, he warned her it would lead to her undoing and threatened to go to the authorities beyond the Veil(a place where magic is the norm). She put on a show of contrition, convinced him that she would stay on the straight and narrow if he promised not to turn her in. She did try to stop feeding off others if only to sway Oswald into believing she was sincere, but fell off the wagon when she noticed signs of accelerated aging. She had become so accustomed to feeding off the life force of large groups that she couldn't go without a feeding for more than a week's time.

Vera went back to work in a cabaret club in Munich where she began feeding again and in 1919 met a young police spy of the Reichswehr named Adolf Hitler. Sensing a huge Nexus event surrounding the man, she followed his career carefully for the next few years and always made certain to attend all of his speeches. She crossed paths with Oswald once again in 1942 in Sobibo'r were she was feeding off the dieing victims of a nearby extermination camp. She turned him over to the Nazi authorities claiming he was a Jew and an American spy before he could turn her over to the magical authorities and convinced the commandant to allow her to watch as he was tortured for information. He died a few days later.

In April of 1945 Vera traveled back to Germany and made it to Berlin in time to watch the city fall, but was disappointed when she missed her opportunity to witness the Führer's suicide personally. The crowds of despondent German citizens fearful for their lives as the Soviets took over the city more than made up for this.

(to be continued...)


  1. I like the addict angle you're using here. Does she ever feel guilt or hatred for what she is?

  2. Nope. She enjoys her psychic meals and doesn't lose a wink of sleep over it. A total sociopath. I realize this will not endear her to my readers, but she isn't the mad-scientist, twisty mustachioed, one dimensional type either and that's good enough for me.


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